Current COVID-19 Info


On November 17 San Joaquin County moved back into the ‘purple tier’ of the States’ ‘Blueprint for a safer economy’ ( This means that places of worship are being asked to meet outdoors only (

Our leadership has met together, prayed & sought God’s will for our congregation moving forward. While we respect the State’s guidelines and honor our governing authorities, we have nevertheless made the decision to continue meeting in-person indoors. With the weather changing this time of year, meeting outdoors just isn’t a reasonable option anymore (although we did comply with that when weather was permitting earlier this year). We believe we can gather safely by continuing to implement our guidelines, which can be found below in our 4 phase plan.

It is not our intention to simply be uncompliant without reason or to disregard the safety of anyone. Rather, we are looking at not only physical health, but emotional & spiritual as well. We want to ensure the holistic wellbeing of our church and community. We consider in-person worship services to be essential to this end, and since outdoor meetings are not reasonable this time of year, and since we do not think it to be wise to cancel in-person worship, the only option left is to continue meeting indoor.

We will continue to offer livestreaming options for those who do not feel comfortable attending in-person. You can find that here:

KINGDOM KIDS will be open for children 1-5 years old. Older children will sit in service with their families & will receive an activity bag upon entry.

If you do not feel comfortable attending, if you are sick or have a compromised immune system, or if you believe you may have been exposed to the coronavirus, we are asking you to please stay home and join us on the livestream. (feel free to comment to let us know you’re there!)

We understand that not everyone may feel confident in continuing to meet in-person, while some may. For this reason we feel it best to offer both ‘in-person’ & ‘online’ options, and let each individual chose accordingly.


As you may have heard, guidelines have come out from the state, in which there is a section asking churches not to engage in corporate singing. 

While we respect our earthly authorities, we honor first and foremost our heavenly authority. We have been compliant every step of the way during this season, and have gone above and beyond to ensure safe in person gatherings. We will still be gathering collectively not only to share in the exposition of the Word, but also to corporately sing together as one.

Our reason for doing this is that while we respect the guidelines being put out by state authorities,  in the end they are only guidelines,  not laws. The section in which places of worship are asked not to engage in singing is under the title “CONSIDERATIONS for places of worship”. We have considered it, and have chosen to still do what we believe honors God and edifies the body of Christ.

We feel at peace with our decision to move forward in this, and would like for you to join with us in person only if you feel at peace within your conscience as well.

For those who don’t, we understand. We still love you. We know different people have different concerns and we respect that. We will continue to live stream our services on Facebook (@thewaychurch209) as well as uploading them here on our website on Mondays.We believe we have finally resolved our livestream issues, but please keep our media team in prayer. 

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me at 

With much love and prayer for you all, and on behalf of The Way elders,
Pastor David Rangel.

We are now in Phase 2.