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Be Bold

Acts 4:1-31 *UNFORTUNATELY we had issues with our equipment which caused the sermon to be cut short. Because of this we have included Pastor David’s outline (corny jokes and all) as a PDF. We pray it blesses you.

Part TWO

Acts 1:12-26 All of Christianity is founded not on a philosophy, but on a person; not on an idea, but an individual: JESUS. So the question that begs to be asked is, “who is Jesus to you?”

Tornado of Words

We took a break from our series THE GREAT EXCHANGE as pastor David Rangel shared some of his recent burdens & took a needed break. We are so thankful for Thomas Shea who stepped in last minute and share a timely word on the life of Joseph. We pray for our leaders and all those…

The Fruit of The Spirit

‘What if Jesus called us to more than Sundays?’ If we are honest, it can be exhausting to try to be loving, patient, kind,etc. In this message we’ll discover that God isn’t calling you and me to ‘do more’, but rather to ‘come near’ to Him. Galatians 5