By design, church is meant to be a perfect place for imperfect people. The way that happens is by being JESUS-CENTERED & OTHERS-ORIENTED.

We believe this encompasses the greatest command (Mark 12:29-31) & the greatest commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Our VISION, MISSION & VALUES help us carry that out.


Vision is WHERE we are heading as a collective group of disciples.

And it’s simple, to be a multiplying church. We like to say it like this:


We believe the best hope for a broken world is Jesus. Because no one church can reach everybody, we are more interested in building ‘out’ than building ‘up’.


Mission is HOW we will reach our ‘vision’.

It’s a process to develop disciple cycles. It can be summarized in 3 words: ENCOUNTER – GROW – SERVE.

ENCOUNTER– we want to help people encounter our amazing God initially & continually.

GROW– we strive to grow in knowledge, holiness & love for God, His church & all peoples.

SERVE– we want to go beyond acts of ‘helping’ into an attitude of ‘serving’.


Values are WHAT shapes us; it’s what we are taking on mission to reach our vision. The 5 soul-shaping values by which we filter all we do are:

MISSION MINDED– We live in response to the Gospel with every area of our lives. Our drive is not to make The Way Church famous, but Jesus non-ignorable. In this way we impact the world with the Kingdom of Heaven & the hope of Jesus in & through us.

CELEBRATE COMMUNITY– We encourage life-on-life transparency & vulnerability centered on Jesus. That’s where growth & true relationships take place.

GENUINE GENEROSITY– Since God first freely gave, and since all we have belongs to Him, we cheerfully give, for His glory, of our time, treasure & talents.

INFUSED INTENTIONALITY– Because the choices & decisions we make today will lead us to who & where we will be tomorrow, and because what we do can either help or hinder someone, everything we do will be done with thoughtful purpose.

PRAYER PASSION– God is worthy to be sought, therefore prayer is our posture. Every decision, dilemma, difficulty, or doubt will be saturated in communion with God. Prayer is not just a transition in our service, it is our service.

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