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Almost Doesn’t Count

Acts 19:1-7 After some time elsewhere, we pick up our series through the book of Acts once more. In this message, Pastor David encourages us to reflect on where we are in our spiritual journey, and reminds us as AW Tozer said, “We have as much of God as we actually want”.

A Feast for the Faint

Do you view yourself as a servant in God’s house, working, doing, performing; or do you view yourself as a son/ daughter in the house of your loving Father? In this message, pastor David encourages believers to marvel at the goodness of God.

Dark Valleys

Psalm 23:4 Verse 4 of Psalm 23 may be one of the most comforting statements ever penned. It strikes a chord with each one of us because we are all aware of this one reality: Not suffering is Not and option. What is an option however, is HOW we will go through those dark valleys.

Rest & Replenish

In our fast- paced world, it is not only good for us to slow down, but it’s necessary for our wellbeing. Yet we all have experienced how difficult it can be to truly rest, and so we know what it’s like to live drained. In this message on Psalm 23:2, Pastor David encourages us to…