Sermon Archive

Kingdom Glimpses

Acts 9:32-43 ((We apologize for the very distracting buzz in the audio background; we are working towards new recording equipment! For now, we have included Pastor David’s preaching notes in hopes they will help in your study.))

The Life-Changer

Acts 9:1-31 Unfortunately the wi-fi signal was down in most of the city, preventing us from livestreaming the sermon. However, we have included pastor David’s message notes in hopes that it helps in your study of the Word.

Divine Appointment

Acts 8:26-40 What happens when we ask God for guidance and He gives it? Do we always follow that up with obedience? In this message we’ll see how God guided Philip away from the revival breaking out and into the desert. It didn’t make much sense, but God had a plan.

Satan’s Seeds

Acts 6:1-15 In this message, Pastor David shows us 3 ways the devil moves against the movement of God, but that ultimately, every single advance of satan is outdone by the gospel of the resurrected Jesus!

Obey Yahweh

Acts 5:12-42 Are you willing to trust God even when you don’t understand or agree with Him? In this message Pastor David reminds us that as Charles Stanley said, “Obey God and leave the consequences to Him”.

Great Grace, Great Fear

Acts 4:32-5:11 God desires that we come to Him openly, yet He demands that we do so reverently. Luke, the writer of Acts, narrates two stories with many similarities, but that contrast each other in the way the individuals approach God.